Proof of Concept


Eliza hangs from a rope off the side of a dam. She tries to swing and hold onto a protruding section of the dam, but she can’t. She tries again, but can’t. She’s very tired. Her hands slip from the rope. She looks around desperately, when she sees far off on a walkway, Chaos drag a young boy behind him. Chaos stops and looks up at her, an evil smile decorates his lips. He continues on his way, dragging the young boy behind him. The boy’s struggle against the larger man are fruitless.

Eliza presses her lips in determination as her hand tightens around the rope. She must save the boy. Eliza runs across the wall, building momentum and then leaps a dangerous leap and hangs onto a ledge. After much struggling she’s able to pull herself up on the ledge. She sneaks a peak at the deadly fall she narrowly avoided.

Eliza takes a brief moment to catch her breath and then starts running on the ledge until there is an opening in the dam wall. She jumps through and runs through a dark tunnel. Then up the stairs. Before she exits the stairwell, she hears the drum of an aircraft engine. The moment she steps out of the stairwell onto an open field, she spots Chaos and the boy.

“Stop,” Eliza aims her gun at Chaos.

But Chaos carries the boy and uses him as a human shield. He moves the boy back and forth taunting Eliza, daring her to shoot, but she doesn’t in fear of hitting the boy. Chaos backs up towards his aircraft, which is read for lift off. He shoves the boy inside and jumps in after him. Eliza takes this opportunity to fire a shot at Chaos, but it hits the bullet proof body of the aircraft and it ricochets off.

Chaos returns fire forcing Eliza to take cover behind one of the many structures separating her from Chaos. By the time she looks out from her hiding spot, Chaos is already getting ready for lift off. Eliza explodes full speed toward the aircraft, jumping over obstacles using some parkour moves.

She reaches the aircraft a few moments before its too far out of reach and leaps up holding onto its landing gear. Eliza swings back and forth dangerously as the aircraft flies over the lake.

When Chaos notices his aircraft out of balance he looks below and sees Eliza climbing up. He swings his aircarft dangerously trying to shake her off. He turns to see if he’s successful but is started when he see her right outside his door. She takes out her gun and aims it at him. Chaos is faster however. He swings the door open with all his might hitting Eliza, who is unable to absorb the hit and loses her balance. She lets go of her gun and tries to reach out for anything to hold, but her hands only beat the air as she falls off.

Eliza plunges deep into the lake. She swims to the surface and watches Chaos’ aircraft disappear over the rocky mountains.

She swims to shore. As soon as she’s out of the water, she takes out a tracking device and turns it on. Its screen flickers to life and shows a map of the area, overlaid with a moving red dot.

“You’re not going to get away,” Eliza says to herself as she walk off towards the mountains.