Episode 07

Eliza wakes up in one shot. She’s beside the damaged aircraft which is half buried in the sand and half of it is simply not there. She looks around and sees an ancient city in the distance. She hears Danny asking where they are.

Danny approaches her. She’s surprised that he’s here. He throws the rock in the air and then it simply disintegrates.

Danny asks where are we.

Eliza asks how he got here. Danny says that he was able to get into the landing gear space.

Eliza suddenly realizes that John is not around and asks about him.

She starts looking for the map and the device. Danny asks what is she looking for. She tells him that she had a map. He tells her that he saw Chaos and Danny take some stuff off of her and leave.

She says that they must got find John before Chaos hurts him.

Danny: hurts him? He’s working for Chaos. He’s his right hand man. Danny is incredulous that she still cares about John after he betrayed her repeatedly. Eliza accuses him of not understanding what it means to lose a brother and then get him back. He counters that he lost his brother back in the attack Chaos carried against them. Well if you had an opportunity to get him back, wouldn’t you do everything to save him? I have that opportunity now.

Danny tells her that they will need some supplies if they plan to walk in the heat of the desert.

They grab a backpack of supplies and head into the depth of the worn down ancient city.

Danny asks what is this place. Eliza: Dad called it the forbidden city. It was hidden from the world so no one can find the monster. I thought it was all a legend. I thought if we proved that if it was all just a hoax then Chaos would let John go, but it appears like there is some truth to that legend. Danny: So now that we’re here how can we get back. Eliza says that if the device got them here, it should get them back.

Out of the sand some black mist appears.

A montage of them treking in the heat of the desert. They slowly run out of water and food.

Danny sits on a rock, while Eliza walks up a small hill. Danny drinks some sips of water. In the background we see these dark ghosts appear and disappearing eerily.

Eliza notices then and she looks back to see Danny messing with her backpack (it’s all in her head). She accuses him of trying to steal something from her back. He doesn’t know what she’s going on about. She reaches for his back to see if he hid something. He prevents her. They struggle and the water bottle falls over and spills. Danny: Great, now we’re stuck in the middle of the desert and we don’t even have a sip of water left. She asks suspiciously why are you here? You never wanted anything but to falsely imprison my brother. Your brother is all guilty lady, and I’m planning to put him in prison myself. Eliza scrambles for her bag and takes out a gun. You can never understand what I went through after I saw my brother fall off a plan. You’re not going to take him away from me.

The black mist ghosts start to be more pronounced.

Danny feigns resignation, but then he knocks the gun out of her hand. They scramble for the gun. Eliza picks up a rock and is about to hit him over the head with it, but stops herself when she sees the ghost. He materializes and says “Do it. Kill him.” After an intense moment of her struggling with what she should do. She throws it aside and scrambles away.

Suddenly, that mist materializes into an ugly monster which appears real. Eliza backs away frighting. Danny tells her to shoot him. She shoots round after round, but it doesn’t do anything to the monster. He roars at them. Eliza realizes that none of this is real. The monster is not leaving any foot prints. He attacks them and simply disappears into a mist. She realizes that his place is messing with their mind. That must be the power that Chaos is after. Imagine if he can just turn everyone against each other.

They continue their trek towards the city.