Episode 04

Danny interrogates John. He asks if Eliza is his sister. John says he only knew her a couple of weeks ago. What’s the kind of relationship you have with Eliza? John is sarcastic and says, why are you attracted to her? Danny continues asking: Why did you run? What are you hiding?

John explodes and talks about how broken the system is and how it needs an overhaul.

Danny is sarcastic and accuses John of being crazy and promises he’ll have him committed in the loony bin.

Suddenly the alarms go off and the room is plunged in darkness. The red emergency lights go on. Danny looks around and then walks out of the room.

Soon after Eliza walks in and throws a jacket and a hat on the table. She uncuffs John and tells him to come with her. After a moment’s hesitation he agrees.

They exit and walk past a few officers. They go into a stair well, and are blocked by Danny. Danny is taken a back and tells her that if she goes through with this, she’ll be throwing away her career and committing a felony.

Eliza takes out her gun and says this is something she must do. She asks him to turn around and then knocks him unconscious.

Eliza drives away speedily.

John thanks her for breaking him out.

Eliza tells him that she knows he’s a good person. After all her brother wouldn’t work for Chaos.

John tells her that for the hundredth time, he’s not her brother.

Eliza is disappointed and says irregardless we can’t give Chaos what he wants. He’s an evil man. Now where did you hide half of the signet?

John asks how can she help him now that she’s a fugitive as well. Eliza explains that if he helps her to apprehend Chaos then everything will be ok.

John tells her to take a right.

They go to John’s house which is old and isolated on the water. They go in, and John’s Dad comes out to meet them. He looks very sick. He asks where John has been. John tells him not to worry, just trying to make ends meet. Dad says that he worries about John. John says that he doesn’t need to worry about him. Dad says that he used to be a nice boy. John says what has nice gotten us? You’re sick. We can’t afford your medicine. I’m doing what needs to be done dad. Dad: At the expense of what? Your soul? Dad get sick and John supports him to the chair and apologizes for his outburst. He says that everything will be ok. My friend here is going to help me make everything alright. Now I have to go get something. Dad: Are you leaving again? John: Just for a little bit. But I’ll be back before you know it.

John excuses himself leaving Eliza and dad together.

Dad will you help him. Eliza: I’ll do my best. Eliza hesitates wanting to ask about how the man got to know John.

Dad says that both of you look so much alike. It’s like you’re his sister.

The expression on Eliza’s face says it all. She’s his sister. The dad realizes it. He says that he found John adrift in the ocean and when he retrieved him he had lost all his memory. He has raised him as his own, but is sorry that he couldn’t provide as much as he could’ve being poor.

Eliza comforts him saying that you did a great job. Thank you for saving my brother.

John comes back. Dad tells them to take care of each other. And moreover tells Eliza to protect John. Always will, she says.

They exit the house and Eliza asks to see the signet. It’s only half of the signet. Eliza says that we must destroy it. John leads her to a factory he says has machinery to grind it.

Once they are far enough Chaos’ aircraft decloacks and Chaos surprises them. John gives him the signet. Chaos is condescending towards John, “Nice doggy.” Eliza asks why? John tells her the world is messed up. We can’t get medicine to his dad. They lost everything because of the so called Law and Order. Chaos will fix all that.

Eliza tries to escape but Chaos traps her in an energy field and takes her with him in the aircraft.