Tangled Breakdown

Theme: Dreams coming true. Chasing your dream. Literally.

Narration: Tell the story of how repunzle got her powers. The sun flower. The old lady and how the lady stole Repunzle. (kinda funny how it’s okay for the king to hord the power but not the old lady

Introduced to the lanterns which later become Repunzle’s goal to go and see.

Tells us how old lady kept Repunzle imprisoned.

Introduce the frog character and Repunzle’s routine.

Introduce Repunzle’s longing to go outside and see the the lanterns (false dream).

Introduce Ferbert as he steals the crown

Introduce Ferbert’s longing to be rich (false dream).

Both the main characters want to achieve their dreams. But they start with False Dreams and then come to realize that their real dreams are each other.

Repunzle asks her mother to go out and her mom turns her down. Show how her mother treats her like an object.

How does Repunzle know her birthday? Plot hole

Ferbert betrays his partner and escapes to the castle to meet Repunzle

Introduction to the horse character in the chase (PLOT B)

Action sequence to introduce the character of the horse and the animosity between Ferbert and the horse

Also used to introduce Ferbret to the tower.

Ferbret/Repunzle encounter and her usage of the pan as a fighting tool

She realizes that people outside are not as monstrous as her mother told her.

Repunzle tries to tell her mother about Ferbret, but gets shutdown so she uses a trick to get her away. Want something for my birthday

25Min - first conversation between Repunzle and Ferbert. She thinks that he’s after her hair.

Repunzle asks Ferbert to take her to the lanterns for the crown. —> This is the INCITING INCIDENT

They go off to see the lanterns. Repunzle sings about her internal conflict and her happiness about being free

32Min - back and forth with her uncertainty about her actions.

Ferbret tries to use reverse psychology to get her to change her mind and get his crown. (CONFLICT ONE)

Ferbret takes her to a bar where a bunch of thugs to scare her (the end result is that she makes them her friends). (CONFLICT TWO)

The horse lets her mother know that something is not right. Mother goes to the tower and finds it empty. She sees the crown and realizes what it means and finds a picture ferbret so now she has a target. Takes the knife and goes after him.

We’re introduced to the other minor characters. The thugs. (PLOT C)

Ferbret: “We don’t want to scare you and give up on the whole thing.”

Ferbret: “Maybe we should take you back” - the point is repeated twice.

The thugs find out that ferbret is wanted. Ferbret’s action leads to the guards coming after him and the next chapter of the story

Repunzle makes friends via the dream. “I had a dream once”.

We’re introduced to the minor characters dreams; piano, etc.

41Min - we’ve heard about her dream at least 5 times.

The frienship with the thugs leads the thugs to help Ferbert escape.

Horse finds the escape tunnle and a second comedy chase happens. The two main thieves break out. The chase now has three parties (CONFLICT THREE)

The horses actions, knocking down a support beam to get to the other side to capture Ferbret, causes the next part of the trouble they fall in. Getting stuck in a cave while it gets filled with water.

Ferbret is introduced to the magical qualities of the hair.

There is a heartfelt moment of getting to know each other. Repunzle gets to know Ferbret’s real name.

The glowing hair leads to a way out of their trap.

The two bad thieves get to meet the bad mother. And she offers them the crown back but appeals to their greed: Revenge on flyn rider

Ferbret is introduced to repunzle’s hair healing power. (CONFLICT FOUR)

We’re re-introduced to the fact that if her hair is cut out it becomes useless. Ferbret realizes that she’s been a prisoner. Internal conflict about going back or not. Ferbert tells her his story. Romantic storyline.

Mother finds her and tries to take her back. She puts her down and tries to convince her that she’s too naive. But this time repunzle doesn’t fall for it. Song. Mom tells her to test Ferbert by giving him the crown and see if he’ll stick around. Mother waits for the fulfilling of her plan. 50min (CONFLICT FIVE)

Horse finds Ferbret (CONFLICT SIX)

Repunzle convinces the horse by becoming his friend to let ferbret finish helping her.

Horse and Ferbret become unlikely friends. Some comedy about how they keep teasing each other

They finally make it to the city. People like Repunzle. It’s a foreshadowing of how she’s a good princess. (CONFLICT SEVEN)

More romance building

Friendship between horse and Ferbert.

The boat scene, the final building block of the romance.

Repunzle wonders what happens after she fulfills this dream. You get to go find a new dream.

King and Queen let the lanterns go

Song about how while chasing her dream of the lanterns Repunzle finds the boy of her dreams. 1h6m

The romance is really the internal driver of these two characters. They are both chasing after false dreams which think will make them happy, but what makes them really happy is each other.

Flynn tries to take back the crown to the two thieves.

They take it and tie him to a boat. They try to kidnap her, making her think that flynn left her..

Her mother saves her and takes her back to the castle. The fulfilment of her plans. Makes her think that she’s the best thing for her. Repunzle admits that her bad mother was right about everything. (CONFLICT EIGHT) -> This is the Villain’s temporary victory

Flynn gets arrested and is about to get executed.

Bad mother drives the point home, but Repunzle some how figures out the truth that the bad mother is the one that kidnapped her and that she’s the princess. —> START OF THE CLIMAX

Flynn is rescued by the other minor character. Flynn figures out that repunzle is in trouble

Repunzle confronts the bad mother. She ruins her dream that flynn will be hanged for her crimes. Confrontation leads to the mirror breaking which flynn then uses to cut her hair.

Flynn escapes with the help of max… plot c is resolved.

Flynn goes back to the tower. Bad mother stabs him. Repunzle says he’ll only stay with her if she lets her save him.

Flynn cuts of her hair so she doesn’t become a slave anymore. Bad mother dies

The power is still in Repunzle though and she brings him back to life.

Conclusion - conclude the rest of storylines of the minor characters. Their dreams come true.