Episode 03

An on foot chase between Eliza and Danny and John ensues. Danny calls in reinforcement. The quality to shoot for would be like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob_xbmpcPx0 Note that there are hardly any people there unlike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARRh0asQqJM (TBD - the details of the chase needs to be worked out based on the geometry of the scene)

The chase ends up with them on a roof top that has no other roof tops after it, essentially trapping John.

Eliza is faster than Danny and tries to talk him down. She assures him that she didn’t betray him.

Danny comes in with his gun ready. Eliza tells him to not shoot, it’s her brother.

John is startled and trips over the side of the building.

Eliza runs to his rescue. She reaches for him as she remembers the time when she tried to help him when they were young and climbed up in their father’s tower.

Danny comes in and helps her pull him up.

By this time other police officers are there and they arrest him.

Eliza is angry with Danny and they exchange a heated conversation about how he didn’t have the right to follow her, and he tells her that he’s her partner. They should be honest with each other. Eliza wouldn’t have any of it and she tells him that she’ll apply to get another partner. And that he should stay away from her. Danny says that he was trying to protect her. But Eliza doesn’t hear him as she walks away.

A couple of other officers take John away.