Premise 2

What about making a Simon & Simon type of series?

Two very different brothers go on adventures together.

But what kind of adventures?

Fighting crimes?

Fighting aliens?

Fighting threats from the future?

Ok So let’s think about the fighting threats from the future.

For whatever’s sake, let say that the older brother is Rick Simon and the younger brother is Andrew Jackson (AJ) Simon.

Rick is a risk taker. He has no steady job. He makes his money by taking odd jobs here and there. What kind of odd jobs?

- Transporting goods

- Transporting people

- construction jobs

- delivering items to dangerous parts of the world.

- acting jobs

- On set jobs

AJ is milder and much more conservative. He graduated from computer science. He got married at an early age. Although him and his wife can’t have any kids. He works from home. While his wife is a doctor. He lives a mundane life. He always dreams of something big, but doesn’t do anything about it.

Rick and AJ haven’t seen each other for a very long time. Rick is known to come back and borrow money from his brother or his mother once every while, when he’s broke. He would crash at his mom’s place and then suddenly disappear when he gets a new gig.

How does the adventure start?

Rick is called to deliver an artifact. He doesn’t know what it is. But just as he gets it. The person he gets it from and him get attacked by advanced weaponry. The guy who gave him the artifact dies, but before he dies he tells Rick that he must keep the artifact safe. Rick escapes and goes to his brother AJ, unwittingly putting AJ and his family at risk too.

The goal of the story is to find out what this artifact is and keep it away from the bad guys.

So who are the bad guys? They are travelers from the future who want this artifact for some nefarious purpose.

What’s the artifact?

- It controls time? How?

- It releases a monster?

- It controls another world? If so, how does it impact our world? Why wouldn’t they just say, sure, here you go. Don’t care. Unless destroying that world causes a problem for our world.

- It’s like the tree of knowledge of good and evil

- It makes the possessor of it read other people’s minds

- controlled people’s emotions? Make people hate? Love? Envy?

- Control the power source of the world.

- ****Whoever has it, it deceives him that he thinks he can control the monster in the prison. But the truth is the monster in the prison will control him.

- So the Monologue will need to explain exactly the whole backstory up until the idea of controlling the monster.

- In order for it to be safe, they need to return it to its rightful owner. Who is that? Maybe it’s Rick. The only guy whom the monster can’t control, because he’s not susceptible to his temptations. But why?

- We can have some sort of a prophecy about him?

Let’s say that this artifact is a powerful weapon in the other world. It will give its possessor a lot of something:

- Knowledge

- Power

- Control

- Mind control

Let’s say that its possessor will be able to make everyone believe in that other world that he is the supreme ruler. And then whoever opposes him will be destroyed.

The artifact has no power in our world. It just looks cool.

The maker of this artifact escaped into our world and wanted to hide it there.

The series follows the two brothers as they protect the artifact and end up going to the other world to save it.

The world is actually an imaginary world which exists in the brain of a child or an adult. Why? That person might’ve went through a trauma and the way they deal with it is through an imaginary world. That sounds a lot like inside/out. Now is that necessarily a bad thing?


Let’s try to make it more personal. Instead of it impacting the whole world, maybe it impacts only one family. It’s a secret/contains or unlocks a secret. That secret can destroy the entire family.

So what’s the secret?

- Abuse?

- Murder?

- Theft?

- hate?

- deception?