Need to re-write how Eliza and John meet up. Currently it's passed by too quickly.

We will combine the 2nd and 3rd episode so that Eliza and Danny chase John and that's the first time we meet John.

Instead of the first episode being in the father's lab, it will be in an excavation site. The father has all these crazy theories about this advanced civilization. Chaos decides to fund him and pay for the excavations in return the father would share all the information with him. Maybe Chaos owns a company which is doing similar research to what the ancient civilization was doing. We meet Eliza and John as kids on the Excavation site. They follow their father. Eliza is able to solve a riddle that her father couldn't showing how smart she is. But when Chaos arrives the father doesn't want to show chaos the discovery in fear that he will use it for evil. So Chaos ends up kidnapping the father (or something, it's not clear yet). But the end result is that John is taken and loses his memory in an accident, the father either dies or disappears, leaving Eliza full of anger and seeking revenge against Chaos.

Nicole's Relationship Diagram

Origin: Storm worked in an institution to create the next evolution in humans, but he was against it. He developed some antidote against the energy entity. Then when he led an exodus, to give them enough time to leave, he uses himself as a bait to trap the monster. His wife with the unborn child exit and use the keys to erect the dome. Now that the monster and storm are trapped inside. The monster keeps storm alive in a hibernated state until Eliza, John and Danny rediscover him.

Eliza is taken in by her aunt who is super rich. This makes John even angrier and feels more abandoned because he was raised in a poor environment, and not given the same chances as Eliza.

The way to trap the monster is using the dome technology. But the trick is to make sure he has left the host. Trapped inside the small version of the dome the monster like a virus because weak and withers away. Can be used as a cliffhanger for season 2.

Father hides Eliza and John inside a cloack. He faces off with Chaos. John escapes Eliza and goes after his father. Sees his father die. Chaos takes john in the aircraft. John falls off the aircraft loses his memory. Eliza grows up thinking that it's all her fault.