Episode 08

It has gotten dark. The only source of light is the moon and the stars. Eliza and Danny park it, saying that it’s getting too dark to move on. They wonder about the complete silence. No crickets, no animal sounds, nothing. Completely dead.

Eliza excuses herself to go pee.

As she finishes, she hears movement. She goes to check it out and is surprised to see John. In the dark she can hardly see him, but as he steps into the light of the moon Eliza notices that he’s wounded. She rushes to him and asks what happened. He pushes her away and accuses her that this is all her fault. Eliza says that she tried her best to find him. He says that if she only held him tighter and not let him run after Chaos, he wouldn’t die. Now his death is going to be on her head again. Eliza cries and pleads with him to live. She tries to help him again, but he pushes her away. He appears to be in great pain. If you have any decency, then end me now. He throws her a gun: Do it. I’m already dead. Or do you want me to suffer more. Eliza hesitates. John yells at her: do it, Please.

Eliza picks up the gun and points it at John, very conflicted. John repeats the request to kill him.

We cut to Danny’s point of view and we see Eliza pointing the gun at her own head. Danny yells at her, bringing her out of her vision. When Eliza looks back at John he smiles and evil smile and vanishes into a black mist. We see an unclear face of a monster in the mist before it dissipates.

Eliza’s gun arm drops and she breaks down. Danny goes and hugs her. She keeps repeating that it’s her fault. Danny: What did you see? Eliza: John, he was dying. It’s all my fault. Danny: No. It’s not. I’ve been thinking about this place. It’s amplifying all our negative feelings, suspicion, fear, guilt. It makes it so real to us. Eliza, you’re right we need to stop Chaos.

The next day they travel until they reach their destination; a Cathedral looking building. According to the map the second half of the signet is inside.

Eliza and Danny sneak inside. The only gun they have only has 3 bullets left. They walk through long corridors. The walls of the corridors have paintings of soldiers fighting a monster. One promenant man in the painting reaches inside the heart of the monster and pulls out its heart. The next drawing is of the man holding the signet up high and forcing the monster into the earth.

Eliza and Danny are careful not to make any noise until they come to an open area. In the middle there is a shrine. They can clearly see the signet in a box on the shrine. Erected on either side of the shrine are two suites of armor, with their Sword and Spear and shield. Problem is Chaos and John are there.

Chaos says at last he will have the power to change the world.

Eliza and Danny count down from 3 and surprise them. Chaos is distracted. He fires his weapon. Eliza fires back. Danny takes the opportunity to take the box with the signet. Chaos is outraged. A fight ensues. The suite of armor fall to the ground.

Chaos is able to overcome both Eliza and Danny, flinging them to the side, but doesn’t kill them because he wants them to see his power and how he will change the world.

He breaks the box and picks up the second half of the signet, he takes the first half off a necklace he’s wearing it around his neck. That’s when a spear penetrates his back and extrudes out of his chest. He looks down in disbelief before he falls dead. Behind him John looks at him in disdain, saying that Chaos never deserved the power. Eliza tries to dissuade him from use it. He says that his entire life he has been powerless at the mercy of people like Chaos. The world has given him the short end of the stick. Payback is a bitch. He takes both halves of the signet and joins him, even though Eliza protests against it.

The signet emits a strong flash of light. Black mist ghosts start to emerge from the ground and they spin around John like a whirlwind.

The monster forms around John until only the monster is there. It’s big and ugly and scary.

Danny picks up one of the spears and charges the monster. But the monster holds the spear and breaks it. He hits Danny sending him flying and hitting the wall.

The Monster charges Danny intending to kill him, but Eliza gets in the way and hold her hand up, fully expecting to die with Danny, but the monster stops. The monster and Eliza lock eyes before the monster jumps through a glass window and disappears.