Premise 1

What story do I want to tell? What Genre? Action? Drama? Depression? I feel depressed right now, but I don’t like watching depressing movies? I like action movies. I’m actually not a big fan of superhero movies. Not the Marvel type. Even the other ones, like superman, batman, not a big fan. I watch them, but it’s not something I’d like to watch over and over? So what do I like watching over and over. Mostly not movies, TV shows: Quantum Leap, Star Trek Enterprise, Simon & Simon. So what do I like about these shows. Quantum Leap: I really liked the relationship between Al and Sam. Star Trek: I liked the relationship between Tucker and Reed. Simon & Simon: It’s all about the relationship between the brothers. Let’s look at some of the notable movies. Trouble with the Curve: It’s all about the relationship between the father and the daughter. Space Cowboys, it’s all about the relationship between the 4 main characters. Appears I’m really drawn towards compatriot ship.

But what’s appealing about these particular stories? In Star Trek enterprise the best episode ever was “Shuttle Pod One”. Tucker and Reed stuck on a shuttle pod facing death. Getting to see their characters. How they conflict. How they resolve the conflict. In Simon and Simon it’s the differences between the brothers and the conflict, comedy and compatriot-ship this creates. Space Cowboys: the dream they share. The conflict and the resolution between them.

I’m seeing now an image of two old friends. Both of them are in the same nursing home. One of them is almost done with life, and wants to go on one last adventure with his friend.

Some images popping in my head

They are trying to sneak out of the nursing home. One of them is on a wheel Chair.

They trip someone and laugh.

Questions to answer:

What’s their relationship like?

They’ve been friends for a very long time since they were kids. They did everything together. They’ve been their for each other in the good and the bad. In the successes and in the failures. During life’s major events, when they had their kids. When their kids graduated/got married/had their own kids. When they got promoted. When they lost their jobs. When they lost their wives. They had fights and differences, but never anything to break them apart.

What do they enjoy doing together?