Episode 01

Eliza plays with a puzzle device, which she has to decipher a code until it opens. She finishes it and puts it beside a few similar devices, which she has already deciphered.

She looks over at her sleeping brother on the bed beside hers.

She hears some noises outside and rushes to her window.

Eliza watches from her room through binoculars as her father goes into a tower in the backyard.

Eliza jumps on John’s bed waking him up.

They sneak down into the garden of their large house under John’s protest

Eliza tells John about their father’s lair. John says that their father is just a boring professor. Eliza says that he couldn’t be more wrong.

They arrive at a tower like structure. This is an old house. John says that their father told them specifically not to go in there. Eliza: Don’t you want to know what our father does there? Their curiosity gets the better of them and they walk in.

Inside there is a spiral of stairs going. There is a door on each level but the stairs don’t have any railing.

They go up and through a crack on the door they see their father working in an old office. It’s consistent in two levels. The books line up the room:

There is a contrast between the old room and some of the advanced equipment; Computers and holographic projections of a city.

Storm is working on a computer and he projects an image of an ugly monster. That scares young John who backs up, and trips off the stairs. Eliza notices in time and grabs a hold of him, but she can’t pull him up. She screams for help from her dad.

Her dad helps them.

Storm is upset with his kids and Eliza takes the entire blame. Storm is happy with her and says something to the effect that he can’t blame her for being adventurous.

John asks what that monster is. The hologram is still running.

Storm says that it’s a long story. Eliza begs him to tell them what it is.

“Oh, alright, but you’re still grounded. What you kids don’t know about me, is that I’ve been around. In one of my excavations I found this. It tells a legend hard to believe. Kids I hope you enjoy the show.”

Storm taps a few buttons on his computer and the whole room changes to show the story as he tells it with the kids in the middle.

A millennia ago a fearsome and terrible monster ascended from the depths of the earth; the like of which was never seen before in Strongland. It’s terrible countenance and awesome strength struck terror into the hearts of the inhabitants of land. The monster compelled them to do all sorts of terrible things, destroy and murder each other. The more men obeyed it the stronger it became until it ruled over all of Strongland. Under its rule the once peace loving and virtuous inhabitants became savage and practiced abominable traditions. They obeyed it even to the point of offering the most innocent among them, their children, as sacrifices to appease its terror. Hopelessness spread among all the people. They had become slaves to the monster. Until a man arose from among the Stronglandians. A man who preferred death than to offer the children of his people as a sacrifice to Evil incarnate. His name was Storm. He bade the people to unit and to reject the rule of the monster over their hearts. Slowly many Stronglandians put away their abominable actions. The actions which spread anguish and despair in the land. Actions which gave the Monster its power. Storm built an army and fought the monster. The terrible war took many lives, but the Stronglandians prevailed and culled the monster’s heart of stone out of its chest, but it would not die. It was immortal. With the heart in their possession Storm and his troops were able to control the monster. They drove it back into the depths of the Earth to its everlasting prison. Storm ground the heart into powder and formed a signet which he wore on a necklace. And as long as he had the signet the Monster would not dare cross the boundary of his prison. Before Storm slept with his father, he warned his people about the return of the Monster if they ever go back to their evil way. Even the signet will not be able to hold him back. Upon Storm’s death, the signet went to his descendants. From generation to generation the monster and the signet that controlled it faded into legend. But there are people who still believe whoever comes to possess the signet can summon the monster and control its power. Many have tried to find it, but all failed. Until now.

When he’s done telling the story the holograph dissipates.

“That can’t be true. It’s a fairy tale.” Eliza says, but John looks like he’s scared. He hugged his older sister several times.

“You’re right kiddo… It’s just a legend. Now let’s go back to the house.”

They walk out and Storm activates another hologram to make the room look abandoned. Eliza: “Whoa”

As they exit the house they hear a helicopter approaching fast. Storm hurries his kids inside the house and tells them to hide. Storm gives Eliza a device and tells her to keep it safe.

Storms walks out and meets the coming helicopter. From the point of view of the kids we see an argument that we can’t hear between Chaos and Storm. Chaos uses his technological advances to hurt Storm and take him on the helicopter.

John tries to leave but Eliza stops him. He’s able to escape from her and run towards the helicopter. When Choas sees him, he takes him with them. The helicopter flies away.

Eliza drops the device in a crevice and runs and enters the tower and goes to the window, to see the helicopter fly over the sea. But then John falls out.