Episode 06

Eliza and John walk out arms up to the police.

Chaos’ ship decloaks and starts firing at the police cars destroying them. The police retreats.

Chaos lands and exits the craft searching for Eliza

Danny tries to face Chaos, but Chaos has a lot more fire power. He aims his arm weapon at Danny but Eliza saves Danny from certain death

Danny and Eliza hide behind a car.

Chaos approaches them.

Some police officers try to take him down but he deals with them easily.

Eliza tries to go and face him. Danny stops her, but she tells him that she must help her brother.

She goes to meet Chaos. Chaos asks for the map. She gives him the tablet,but when he looks at it, it’s encrypted. She tells him that she’s the only one who can decrypt it.

Professor Chaos smiles and asks “Why do you think they call me professor? For my good looks?” Then he decrypts himself.

Chaos points his gun and is about to kill Eliza but John convinces him that until they find the signet, they should keep her alive.

Chaos takes Eliza and John in the aircraft, but as he starts to lift-off Danny runs and hangs on the aircraft.

He climbs up and hides in the aircraft’s wheel nook.

The aircraft flies into the horizon.

They are over the mountains and hover over a specific spot, but there is nothing their except endless land. Chaos says that he’s right over the coordinates on the map. He says it’s another one of Storm’s hoaxes. Storm will die for this.

Eliza: no wait. There must be something more. She takes out the puzzle she found with the map and solves it just as she did so many times before.

The puzzle generates energy and floats by itself. Electrical bolts strike everywhere. The aircraft starts to malfunction and goes into a tale-spin.

They hit the ground hard and everything goes black.