Episode 02

We meet an older police office Eliza as she’s involved in a car chase. Another car intercepts the thief’s car. It’s Danny, Eliza’s partner.

They reach a dead end and the thief abandons the car and runs into a truck warehouse.

The criminal shoots at them. They trap him in a truck warehouse and try to convince him to give up. He talks about his boss will save him.

Eliza indicates to Danny to lay cover fire as she climbs up over one of the trucks and then attacks the guy from above. Danny insists that he should do that. Eliza says it was her idea. Danny says that he’s the senior officer. Eliza surprises Danny by taking the initiative and climbs the truck.

Danny is forced to lay cover fire.

Eliza surprises the thief and they struggle. The guy reaches for some device and presses it. “You’re in trouble now.”

Eliza hand cuffs him. No you’re in trouble.

Suddenly the side of the warehouse explodes and Chaos with his bionic arm, leg and half his face bursts in.

Eliza retreats in fear as she comes face to face with her life long nemesis.

Chaos points his hand weapon at her, but Danny tackles him.

Chaos flings Danny off.

By this time Eliza is able to grab her gun and fire at Chaos. But Chaos activates a shield he uses to protect himself. The bullets ricochet off dangerously.

Chaos goes to the guy and takes the thing (signet) that he stole and kills the thief in cold blood. “Can’t have you spilling the beans)

Chaos retreats to his aircraft.

Eliza chases after him, but he’s starting to lift off. He smiles at her and waves goodbye. Eliza fires the remaining rounds in her pistol at the aircraft with no effect. Chaos’ aircraft had landed on Eliza’s car and destroyed Eliza: You killed my family. I’m gonna get you.

Danny catches up with her and they watch Chaos disappear on the horizon.

Eliza complains about her car.

Danny drops off Eliza in her large fancy house. “Next time you listen to me. I’m the senior officer. Just cause your parents pulled some strings to get you into the police academy…” Eliza: “I got where I’m at through my hard work.” Eliza not happy and leaves the car.

Eliza’s mother comes out and smothers Eliza. “Where is your car?” “I had a little accident.” Danny: “A little accident?” Eliza silences him with a look. Her mother clearly doesn’t know what Eliza really does. Mother says that she shouldn’t worry about the car. We’ll just get you another one. She asks about her “nice friend” Danny. “Oh he’s not my friend. He’s my training officer.” Mother insists that he comes in for dinner. Eliza says that he has things to do, but Danny agrees. Eliza isn’t happy. Danny smiles.

Danny asks why Eliza is being secretive. Eliza explains that her parents think she has a desk job. They worry too much.

As they walk into the house Eliza’s watch beeps and she excuses herself saying that she needs to change.

Mother excuses her daughter saying that she’s not the greatest host. Danny says it’s okay. He’ll see her tomorrow. Mother says that she’s sorry. Eliza likes to be alone a lot.

Danny leaves and starts to drive out. A motor cycle goes buzzing in front of him. He thinks that’s Eliza and he follows her.

He loses her, but sees her motorcycle in front of a restaurant. He enters and sees her talking with someone suspicious, will turn out to be John. Danny approaches her. Once the guy sees him, still dressed as a cop he knocks over the table and starts running.

Eliza runs after him, followed by Danny.