Episode 05

Eliza meets her dad, Storm.

He confesses that he took money from Chaos, but he’s been trying to mislead him. Storm tells her about he forbidden city and that it’s real. The monster is real. Chaos already has the first half of the signet and if he gets the second half, he’ll be able to summon the power of the monster and control him.

Eliza still thinks it’s all a hoax.

Dad tells her not to reveal that she’s his daughter.

Chaos and John walk in.

Chaos starts off smiling, saying that he sent his best man, John to get the other half of the signet from the excavation site that John pointed them to and to his surprise it’s a fake.

Chaos says, John must have made a mistake and he should be punished. He hits John and then points his weapon arm at him.

Storm and Eliza scream no at the same time. Chaos is amused at their care for John. He’s being sneaky and says, it’s like you’re a family or something.

Chaos tells storm if he doesn’t tell him right now, he’ll kill John. Storm is struggling greatly.

Eliza tell Storm to give Chaos what he wants. Chaos says that she seems to care about John more than him. Chaos then turns to John and says, that Storm would rather let him die then reveal the location of a useless artifact.

John doesn’t understand why Storm would care. Chaos reveals that Storm is his real father. He abandoned him.

Chaos says to Storm it doesn’t matter anyway, after 10 years of Storm misleading him, he can’t trust him anymore. Then Chaos proceeds to press the trigger, when Eliza runs in front of John protecting him.

Eliza tells Chaos she knows where the signet is.

John stands up and smiles at Chaos saying that their trick worked.

Eliza is in disbelief that John played them.

Eliza looks at her father who seems broken.

Chaos attaches a bomb with a timer to Storm saying that if they are not back within four days, Storm will die.

Chaos sends John with Eliza to retrieve the second half of the signet..

Eliza and John go to her house to get the device to uncloak her dad’s lab. John has a weapon he’s threatening Eliza with.

Eliza’s mom is worried about her. She wonders who this guy is. Eliza says that he’s a friend. Eliza’s mother is struck with the resemblance.

John is impressed by the big house. You live here?

He goes on to say that’s why she doesn’t understand what poor people like him go through. She grew up having everything.

She tells him to quit feeling sorry for himself. He can’t justify helping an evil person like Chaos.

John speaks fondly of Chaos saying that he understood the struggles he faced because he faced them too. Chaos is going to destroy this system that’s keeping us all slaves.

As they go into the room he sees a picture of Eliza, her dad and himself. He’s confused and he has a quick flash of himself when he was a kid playing. He rejects the thought and says that she’s trying to trick him. And even if it’s true no one bothered to look for him. The end result is he was abandoned and had no opportunity while she lived in all this luxury. Eliza apologizes and says that she thought he was dead.

As they leave the house Danny is there and he calls the incident in. We know there are more officers to come.

They arrive at the castle. As they go up the stairs John starts recalling parts of his childhood. Eliza notices that he’s acting a bit weird, but he brushes it off, telling her to move.

Eliza uncloaks her father’s lab.

John calls his dad a weasel for hiding this all that time. Eliza reproves him saying that he’s your dad. John he’s no father of mine. You call Chaos bad. Storm is a traitor to our family. He chose this over us. And he got what he deserves

Eliza remembers what she saw that night when she spied on her father, and goes to the secret hiding spot. She unlocks a hidden safe and takes out a map and a device.

John plays with some equipment and a holograph is projected of the monster towering over ancient looking buildings. “That’s one ugly thing.” John discovers that the holograph is interactive and he has fun with it. Eliza takes the opportunity that he’s distracted and she encrypts the pad which has the map.

John zooms into a piece of the holographic map. He asks how did Storm create this? Eliza: I’m guessing he built it from the information he collected. What are these? John asks pointing to some fuzzy black formation that keep going in and out of the ancient buildings. But then the whole holograph fizzles away. John steps back surprised. “What happened”. We see the pad that Eliza holds and it shows that the data has been encrypted. Eliza: “Let’s go.”

Before they can leave a spotlight shines into the father’s office through the window. Danny on a loudspeaker asks them to surrender.

John starts firing at police below and they return fire.

Eliza protects John and she gets hit by a bullet.

She calls out that they surrender and they are coming down.